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Esteemed West Coast producer Dae One introduces the world to the all-female hip-hop conglomerate, The Diamond Collective. In addition to producing for Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Rock, SZA, Paul Wall, and others, Dae One is preparing to release The Diamond Collective compilation, featuring the talents of several female hip-hop artists, including Ash Bash Tha Rapper, Ally Cocaine, SKG, Latoiya Williams, Medusa The Gangsta Goddess, Chevy Jones, Brevi, Shaefields, C Starr, Yah-Ra, Sylk E. Fyne, Kemadonna, and more. The Diamond Collective was born following a mutual desire among talented female artists to work together. Although Dae One provided the instrumentals for all 34 funky, fun and melodic tracks, the creative genius of all 84 female artists from all over the United States brought the project to life. Collaborations are organic and centered around a woman’s perspective, making the project unique. The renowned producer quickly learned that female artists consider several aspects of art in music production, especially in executing visuals to accompany their songs.



Dae One

Producer Dae One Celebrates History for Women in Music With The Diamond Collective’s Debut Release

At the age of 14, artist and producer Dae One, began his musical career by writing and developing his own songs and then later using his Godgiven gifts and talents to learn the fine art of beat-making. After graduating from High School, Dae One formed a short-lived group with fellow rappers Noni Spitz and current business partner Taje’ called “Egzile.” While the group didn’t last long, it did allow for the opportunity for Dae One to be discovered by West Coast producing legend DJ Sir Jinx, who took him under his wings and served as a mentor helping him to further develop his producing skills.

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The name Dae One is no stranger to many hip hop and R&B aficionados

the walking work of art and ingenious producer has worked with some of the best talents the musical world has to offer, such as Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Jay Rock, and many other musical virtuosos.

And now, on May 12, 2023, just in time for Mother’s Day, Dae One will be making history when he releases the two volumes of a 34-track compilation that has brought together some of the toughest and most lyrically versatile femcees out of the larger west coast arena. This is history in the making—nothing like this has ever been done before.

The stage has already been set, and seeking to make their presence felt will be first-rate female emcees at the top of their games such as Ash Bash Tha Rapper, Ally Cocaine, SKG, Latoiya Williams, Medusa The Gangsta Goddess, Chevy Jones, Brevi, Shaefields, C Starr, Yah-Ra, Sylk E. Fyne, Kemadonna, and many more. We are talking about over 80 female rap geniuses delivering some fiery masterpieces under the guidance of someone who knows what it takes to engineer hit music!

Both Dae One and JD Hill, CEO of Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment, believe that these female emcees will reach the same epic heights as their successful predecessors who have been dominating the airwaves, and having the guidance of someone like Dae One brings experience far beyond reach because he has always been someone who makes the magic happen.

Ultimately, the “Diamond Collective” compilation is what happens when many ingenious female artists come together; each recognizing what the other is made up of. I don’t think the music world is even ready for the kind of talent detonation that is about to explode right in their faces—we may need the disaster management team on-site to deal with the expected aftershocks of such a female artistic eruption.

With the stage and date set, the world is ready, and so is Dae One with his team of female dragons…we all have a date with this destiny; mark May 12th and follow Dae One on all his social media platforms to witness history being made live!