Rapper, Songwriter, Producer and Entrepreneur

Twenty3wayz, born in the gritty city of Stockton, CA on July 4th, 1998, has emerged as a mature, laidback, and reserved artist shaped by his early life experiences.

Surprisingly, his favorite genre of music is country, which has influenced the wide variety of melodic tones and styles in his musical catalog. He was initially inspired by Lil Wayne, often creating his own raps to popular Lil Wayne instrumentals in an attempt to mimic the iconic MC’s voice. At the age of 8, Twenty3wayz recorded his first track called “Elementary” at a friend’s home studio with his cousin. The excitement and positive feedback he received from sharing his music with others ignited his passion for pursuing music professionally. Despite juggling school and sports during his youth, Twenty3’s music career didn’t fully take off until his later adult years. Twenty3, known for his reserved nature, has found a way to express himself through music, giving insight into his true self. His music serves as a window into his soul, using it as a way to speak and connect with listeners on a deeper level. In 2020, he gained local buzz after releasing the music video for his hit song “3:41,” which was dedicated to a deceased close friend.

He followed up with the hit record “Halo,” further solidifying his position as a prominent artist from the 209 area code. Notably, Twenty3 recently opened for Lil Boosie at the prestigious Ace of Spades club in Sacramento, CA, showcasing his talent and potential as an artist on the rise. Fans can look forward to more catchy hit songs and exciting performances in front of major artists from Twenty3wayz in the future. With his unique blend of country influences, melodic range, and captivating performances, Twenty3wayz is making his mark in the music industry, showcasing his growth as an artist and his dedication to pursuing his passion and expressing his deepest emotions through his music.



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