Tune Mercury


Austin Quarles is a young rapper from Aurora, Colorado. Known by many as Tune Mercury, he comes from a musical family. A former Football Player, his real passion was and still is music. His family figured that he would turn to music rather than sports when they noticed he watched more MTV Jams than ESPN. His musical inspirations are Lil Wayne, Eminem, Lil Baby, Rylo and No Cap. Tune says he is drawn to artists who rap about pain and struggle. Ones who overcome they’re dire situations and succeed in life. He would like to sit down with Lil Wayne and soak game. Tune Mercury feels that he can learn a lot from him as an artist and business man.

Tune began his music career in 2010 when his parents purchased him a Laptop, a Microphone and Protools. He began recording and experimenting with his songs, showing them off to his close friends. One of his friends heard his music and told him that he sounded like Lil Wayne. Once Tune heard that, he took that as a sign of respect. That kept his passion to pursue his music strong. Over the years, Tune Mercury has released 5 mixtapes such as “My Bloody Valentines”, “Games Of Aco”, “Popular Loner”, “Tune’s World Pt. 1 & 2”. He released all his projects independently and gained a nice following on Instagram.

In 2020, He attracted the attention of a Seattle based Entrepreneur named JD Hill Jr., who owns an independent label called Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment. Once JD heard Tune Mercury’s music, he knew that the young artist had something special. So JD signed Tune Mercury to his label and is currently preparing to release his debut single and video entitled “Without You”. An upbeat Player Anthem, guaranteed to have your head bobbing and trunk rattling. The new single will be available on all major online platforms. Log onto for more news and content from Tune Mercury.